WarWiki's Deletion policy is simple. Articles that do not fit into this wiki or are about fictional wars will be put up for a vote to be deleted.

Fictional warsEdit

  • Articles about fictional wars are not allowed here, as we don't want to duplicate Wookieepedia or Memory Alpha. Articles about fictional wars will be deleted on sight.

Junk articlesEdit

  • "Junk articles" refers to articles containing nothing but nonsense, spam, or inappropriate material/language. These are to be marked with the {{speedy}} tag.

Irrelevant articlesEdit

  • Articles that have good content but are irrelevant should also be put up for deletion. This wiki is about wars and everything related it. Thus, we have no need for articles about Nintendo's gaming consoles or such.

See alsoEdit

This page incorporates elements from Wookieepedia.

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