Wars ContinuingEdit

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1948 Present Internal conflict in Burma Flag of Myanmar Burmese Military government
Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
Flag of Myanmar Anti-junta factions
Karen National Union Flag Karen National Union Flag
Flag of Jihad Mujahideen
Flag of National League for Democracy National League for Democracy (1988 - )
Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army
Communist Party of Burma (until 1988)
Wa nationality flag United Wa State Army
Kachin Independence Army
1950 Ongoing (Ceasefire signed 1953) Korean War Flag of the United Nations United Nations (Resolution 84):
Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea
US flag 48 stars United States
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Canadian Red Ensign 1921 Canada
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Ethiopia (1897) Ethiopian Empire
Flag of France France
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 Greece
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 South Africa
Flag of Thailand Thailand
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
1959 Ongoing ETA's campaign of terror ETA 25px Spain
Flag of France France
1964 ongoing Colombian Armed Conflict AAA (1979)
United self-defense forces of Colombia logo AUC (2006)
CONVIVR (1998)
Black Eagles
Drug cartels
M19 M-19 (1970 - 1990)
Epl logo EPL (1991)
25px FARC
Flag of ELN ELN
Hammer and sickle MOEC (1961)
Cgsb CGSB (1990's)
Quintin Lame Command
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Insurgency in the Philippines
Western Sahara War
Ethiopian Civil War
Angolan Civil War
Lebanese Civil War
Occupation of East Timor
Insurgency in Aceh
Mozambican Civil War
Kurdistan Workers' Party Conflict
Salvadoran Civil War
Internal Conflict in Peru
South Lebanon Conflict
Sri Lankan Civil War
Second Sudanese Civil War
First Intifada
Lord's Resistance Army insurgency
Nagorno-Karabakh War
Mauritania - Senegal Border War
Invasion of Panama
Civil War in Afghanistan
First Liberian Civil War
Insurgency in Kashmir

Wars StartedEdit

Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
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