Brusilov offensive
Part of World War I
Date 4 June, 1916-20 September, 1916
Location Galicia and Volhynia
Result Russian victory
Russian Empire Austro-Hungarian Empire

German Empire

Aleksie Brusilov Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf

Alexander Karl von Linsingen

573,000 Infantry

60,000 Calvary

437,000 Infantry

30,000 Calvary

440,000 dead and wounded

60,000 prisoners

500,000 total casualties


567,000 dead and wounded 408,000 prisoners 975,000 all casualties German Empire 350,000 all casualties 1,325,000 total casualties

The Brusilov Offensive was a major offensive by the Russian Empire against the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I along the Easterm Front. It was designed and led by General Aleksei Brusilov. The offensive was success, however the Russian forces became overstreched and it died down.
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