Battle of the Philippine Sea
Part of World War II
Zuikaku and two destroyers
The carrier Zuikaku (center) and two destroyers under attack by U.S. Navy carrier aircraft, June 20, 1944
Date June 19–20, 1944
Location The Philippine Sea
Result Decisive American victory
File:United States Flag.png United States Navy Fifth Fleet Template:Country data Japan Imperial Japanese Navy Combined Fleet
Template:Country data United States Raymond A. Spruance Template:Country data Empire of Japan Jisaburō Ozawa
Template:Country data Empire of Japan Kakuji Kakuta
7 fleet carriers,
8 light carriers,
7 battleships,
79 other ships,
28 submarines,
956 planes
5 fleet carriers,
4 light carriers,
5 battleships,
43 other ships,
450 carrier-based planes,
300 land-based planes
123 planes destroyed (about 80 of whose crews survived) 3 carriers sunk,
2 oilers sunk,
about 600 planes destroyed,
6 other ships heavily damaged

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